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“Hi my name is Tanwa, and I am five years old! I am so excited to start kindergarten this year after the summertime! I used to go to preschool, but I had to stop because of this mistake in my blood called sickle cell. Sickle cell sometimes makes my body hurt, so I had to stay home from preschool. I’ve been praying every night for God to make me stronger, and like mum always says – God answers prayers. I am stronger now! So I get to start kindergarten this fall.

Tanwa is a five-year-old girl living with an inherited blood disorder called sickle cell disease. Tanwa is fun and intelligent and she narrates how sickle cell affects her. She is the middle child with four brothers and many cousins. Like every five-year-old, she wants to play and have fun but sometimes she is limited by her condition. Tanwa learned to pray to God for strength and healing and she understands that she needs to stay hydrated to help her body not go into a sickle cell crisis.

Tanwa’s mother encourages her to have fun and find reasons to laugh because laughter is the best medicine.

About The Book

About The Author

Raolat Akinlade, also known as Dr. Rao Lee, is a 55-year-old Sickle Cell Warrior, mother of two daughters, and author. She has two masters’ degrees in Health Promotion and Educational Technology/Instruction and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management. Despite experiencing many episodes of surgical interventions and countless blood transfusions, Dr. Rao Lee is a tenacious robotics teacher who has lived and worked in various countries in the Middle East and Europe. In August 2022, she moved to the Netherlands, where she was offered a contract to induct adolescents into the magical world of Artificial Intelligence. She is a published author, with one of her books titled “Tanwa: The story of a five-year-old living with sickle cell.” Dr. Rao Lee’s life experiences epitomize the ideals of NEVER GIVE UP DAY, celebrated on August 18 of every year.


Well written with facts and engaging, every child should read this! This book was well written with facts simplified about Sickle Cell Anemia. It's engaging and educative. Everyone needs to read this for the awareness and understanding of how Sickle Cell Anemia affects the entire family!
Amazon Customer
Reader Friendly with simplicity Excellent read about the devastating sickle cell disease, it breaks it down in lay man's language-very reader friendly. Great Job, Dr. Raolee! Keep getting the word out. We need more research and clinical trials to help improve quality of life and eventually a cure.
Kunle Akinmola
Dr. Raolee has opened our minds and hearts in this compassionately written children's book. Tanwa takes us into her world to help us better understand the journey of a true sickle cell warrior. Young and old alike will be touched with this story. A must read in every children's library!
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